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Adolmedia Managed Services provides a smooth transition for our clients, from deployment to post-launch enhancements, and offers expert support and guidance through out the site lifecycle, no matter who built your online store.

You can easily add new site functionality, integrate 3rd party applications, and update the look and feel of your site. We go beyond maintenance and bug fixes to improve your online store.

Integrations & Functional Improvements

We ‘ll help you to add a new payment gateway or change order management providers or integrate a new 3rd party application or build custom modules to meet your unique business needs

Sample of the integration services provided,

  • Authorize-net Payments
  • Google Shopping
  • PayPal
  • Apache Solr
  • WordPress

Design Upgrades

You can upgrade the design of your website at any stage. Our design team ‘ll help your brand to move forward, throughout the site lifecycle.

Sample of the design services provided,

  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Design QA
  • New promotion artwork
  • Typography changes
  • Image editing & cropping
  • Front-End Styling for new features
  • New promotion copywriting
  • Colour scheme changes
  • Additional page templates
  • Landing pages
  • UX design for new features
  • Email campaigns
  • Photography reviews

Reliable, secure and dedicated cloud hosting, for maximum uptime and performance.

Ecommerce-focused hosting is all we do, so we can offer Server and Application Service Level Agreements

  • Industry Leading Application and Server SLAs
  • Fully Scalable
  • 9% Uptime

We provide you the regularly scheduled check-ups for your online store, and a full range of services to keep you ahead of the pack. Our Ecommerce Consulting Service Keeps Your Online Store Healthy, Competitive, and Profitable

  • Quarterly Site Reviews
  • Code Audits
  • SEO Audits

Launching is not enough to simply keep your online store running. To stay competitive, you need to keep it improving. Our Ecommerce Strategy service gives you the insights and intelligences to do that.

Our Ecommerce Strategy Service covers everything from design and content issues to search marketing and hosting. Each service is performed by our subject matter experts. It’s like a top-to-bottom check-up for your online store.

Site Monitoring:

We employ proactive, 24/7 site monitoring, across a range of performance metrics. Our clients are immediately notified, in the event any of these thresholds are reached.

Metric Warning Threshold Critical Threshold
CPU Utilization 70% 90%
Disk Space Utilization 70% 90%
RAM Utilization 70% 90%
Network Interface Utilization 70% 90%

Issue Levels:

Level 1

Emergency tickets such as complete site outage or complete inability for shoppers to place orders

Level 2

Partial site outage, such as  not all categories or products are available or business logic of the site is disrupted, however shoppers can still place orders

Level 3

High priority for non-emergency issues. Secondary site functions are affected, such assearch returns no results, images are not displaying, and similar issues

Level 4

Non-emergency issues like CMS pages not displaying, shoppers not able to leave reviews and similar issues


Response Time:

Ticket response and escalation durations are outlined in our SLA.

Service Description       Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
New Issue Response Time 8 hours 4 hrs 2 hrs 2 hrs.
Issue Update Time 48 hours 24 hrs 8 hrs 4 hrs
Issue Escalation Time (if necessary)


144 hours 72 hrs 24 hrs 12 hrs


Help Desk:

We are available 24*7 to provide you the expert assistance with issues relating to the following software, hardware, and infrastructure components:

  • x86 hardware platforms
  • Linux Operation Systems and related components
  • PHP runtime environment
  • Apache Web Server
  • MySQL database management system
  • Git code repository
  • Magento Commerce platform

24/7/365 Help When You Need It

Your ECommerce channel never shuts its doors, and neither do we.Proactive site monitoring, system alerts, and the latest tools, ensure that your online store is protected day and night.

Technical Support

In addition to the ability to perform extension installations, site customization, 3rd party systems and services integrations, and the development of additional features, enhancements and site modifications, our Managed Services team is at the ready to help with:

  • Full or partial site outage recovery
  • Import or Export assistance
  • Emergency bug fixes
  • Integration troubleshooting

Dedicated Account Management

As a client, you’ll have access to a dedicated Account Manager, who’s familiar with where you’re site’s been and where it’s going.

Business User Support

With Adolmedia, site business users are never alone when they need practical help. We can assist with:

  • Merchandising and Promotion setup
  • Platform reporting
  • Administrative Configuration
  • Site Analytics reviews and interpretation
  • Site SEO Reviews…and more