why Merchant App

  • Redeeming your voucher is very quick and easy now. This application helps you to scan the QR-code easily by a click on the button ‘Scan’. The application will scan the voucher code and redeem code which is automatically populated in the redeem text field. Then, you just have to click ‘Redeem’ button to proceed further.
  • You do not want to use the Scan option?! No worries, go with our manual entry option. Copy the code from your voucher and enter in the redeem code field. Click on the ‘Redeem’ button to proceed.
  • This application not only process the redeem code, also it gives the option to the merchants to view their profile and the information about their deals and customer vouchers of the purchased products and also shows the detailed report of the sales and the deals.
  • Dashboard

    Active Deals chart provides the detalis of redeemed and non-redemeed coupons.

  • My Profile

    The merchant can view his details like Address, Phone number, Email Id and Website Address.

  • My Deals

    The merchant can view his list of current deals.

  • View Deal

    The merchant can view the detailed information of the each individual deal created by him

  • Vouchers

    Customer’s voucher list along with the voucher code of the purchased products can be viewed.

  • Voucher Details

    Details of the each voucher with the QR code and the voucher code can be viewed here by the merchant.

  • Redeem Scan

    Merchant can scan the QR code using the mobile app which automatically populates the code in the redeem code field.

  • Manual Entry

    Merchant can enter the redeem code manually instead of using the mobile phone scanner