Your business is our Priority

We provide the exact Business Solutions you need right before the project starts and throughout the site lifecycle. Our ideas and solutions will be Implemented with the well planned and efficient Strategies.

Business Solutions:

The decisions made before the project starts is very important for your business, not only in the present also the future.

Let’s completely analyses your business

We’ll help you to always stay one step ahead of ever-evolving market conditions and customer expectations by adapting and creating new business processes to support the present and the future business state. We ‘ll design and develop you a very sensible and clear approach ecommerce channel.

Now choose the right platform

We’ll help you to choose the right platform for your ecommerce business website which is sustainable and able to incorporate the continuous improvement.


Merchandising Strategy

We evaluate how site tools are applied within the ecommerce platform and provide recommendations for better performance across: product types, catalogue price rules, shopping cart price rules, customer segment promotions, and product relationships like related products, cross-sells, up-sells, etc. Another important angle is product-level merchandising analysis, where we look at revenue vs. margin vs. volume on a per product basis.

  • Site Optimization
  • Content & Data Quality Management
  • Promotional Strategy
  • Profitability & Market Exposure
  • Product Relationship Analysis

Ecommerce Strategies:

Marketing & SEO

The key to a sound marketing plan is Planning. It starts with a complete audit of your current marketing efforts, and then constructing a profile that works. From there, we can help map out future marketing activities, actions, and reports, with milestones and the required resources needed for a more profitable digital channel.

  • Marketing Roadmaps & Planning
  • SEO Analysis
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Comparison Shopping Consulting
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Web Analytics

We always look for the data to identify incremental opportunities for the growth by analysing your ecommerce landscape.

  • Traffic Source Analysis
  • Customer Profiling & Segmentation
  • Google Analytics Optimization
  • A/B Testing

User Experience

Our design team obsesses over the visual and functional elements of our client’s sites. We’re focused on adding to the site’s overall value, leading to increased conversions and average order value, while lowering bounce rates.

  • Mobile Optimization
  • Content Strategy & Development


Implementation of the site

After choosing the right platform for the website here comes the important and difficult part, the site implementation. We’ll also work with you to navigate the unique complexities of your project to get the most out the ecommerce platform.

Ecommerce Platform Training

We’ll train your team to speed up on the merchandising, marketing, and product catalog tools necessary to run a nimble and growing business.

Upgrade your site

Upgrading or re-platforming your ecommerce channel comes with many moving pieces. We’ll help you implement a plan that accounts for every last one of them.